Curious on what the Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle looks like from the inside? 👀


Elevate your content game.

Streamline your process.

Make more money faster.

60+ resources to help you generate leads, get more eyes on your content and make more sales… in a fraction of the time.

Hey, I get it…

There’s a lot of bundles out there, but here’s what makes this bundle EXTRA unique.


Join an exclusive pop-up community (NOW OPEN) just for contributors & bundle buyers to connect, stay accountable and share wins as you implement your new resources.

Brand new resources

Over 80% of the bundle products have NOT appeared in other bundles in in the past months.

✨ FREE credit! ✨

Many of our expert contributors are gifting you *FREE credit towards their products, so that you can continue working with them beyond the bundle.

*Think of these as free $10-25 gift cards towards their digital shop. 😉


The carefully curated collection of 60+ resources, courses, templates, swipe copy, $600+ credit from contributors, an invite to our pop-up bundle community and more, to help you elevate your content game, streamline your process and market your resources like a pro… even with a busy schedule.

And for a limited time, you can get access to all of it for $99! 🤯

You started your online business to make an impact...

Yet, actually creating the content and resources is overwhelming.

And the multitude of tasks that come with consistently creating content that actually drives sales? 

NOT quite what you had in mind. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The content creation and marketing struggle is realllll.

STOP creating content that doesn’t convert.

Skip following trends that leave you in a game of catch-up.

Avoid the pressure to make new content that doesn’t resonate.


Create, repurpose and market your content and digital products like a pro, without sacrificing precious time and energy.




The Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle has everything you need to accelerate your content creation and elevate your marketing to increase sales.

Here are the 6 categories included in the bundle:


Optimize your blog for passive income with proven strategies.

Podcasting + Video

Boost audience engagement through podcasts and confident video presence.

Social Media

Unlock the secrets to social media lead generation and increased sales.

Email Marketing

Convert casual content readers into loyal subscribers with engaging emails.


Elevate your content with conversion-focused messaging and strategies.


Optimize content creation, task management, and productivity for maximum efficiency.

….and it’s all available for the crazy price of $99!

We’ll just go ahead and say it… Creating “fresh” content consistently doesn’t equal increased leads or sales.

The real secret to creating impactful content isn’t simply to create more, more, more…

It’s about using the right tools and strategies to make the most of your content, while saving time and boosting sales in the process.

Heyyy, I’m Lucy Reyes!

I’m a Productivity Strategist wearing all the hats (blogger, podcaster, content and digital product creator), so I know exactly how it feels to be stuck on the content hamster wheel.

That’s why I’m SO excited to provide you with all these resources in one place at one low cost.

Something I’m incredibly passionate about is helping online biz owners reclaim their time so that they can create maximum impact in the world through their content and resources.

That’s why most products inside the Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle have a hint of productivity or organization component. Not only are we helping you optimize and elevate your content, but we’re helping you get it done in less time too.

The Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle contains everything you need to:

…all in ONE place, only available for the next few days!

You can have an optimized process that’ll make it incredibly easy for you to create, repurpose and market your business like a pro… without spending a fortune each month on an expert to get it done for you.

Here’s how the bundle works:


Purchase the bundle by May 30th and then keep an eye out for a receipt and link to log in to the course dashboard.


Browse by category with our filterable bundle dashboard or just do a search and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.


See something you like? Sign up for it July 28, 2023 with the provided 100% off coupon and dive into learning all the things.


Connect with the amazing geniuses who’ve graciously provided their products, spark new connections and get stuff done.

Over $4,500+ in courses, templates, workshops, swipe copy and more for just $99!

Have questions? Let’s get you some answers!

Yes, this bundle is for all online business owners who want to learn how to create better content across different platforms to increase reach and maximize revenue potential. There are plenty of beginner-friendly resources inside to get you started on the right foot. 😉

Start by identifying what issues you’re having with your content creation or marketing process. What part is slowing you down? 

In the Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle, you’ll be able to browse through 6 clearly organized categories in order to find ONLY the information you’re looking for. 

No shame – just grab the bundle and zero in on the offers in that section only. You don’t have to sign up for them all! 

When you click to purchase, your email address will be shared with the organizer (that’s me, Lucy Reyes) so that I can give you access to the dashboard of resources, remind you about the opt-in deadline, and invite you to our exclusive bundle community just for buyers!

After you’ve opted in, you will choose which resources you want to sign up for and those will be the creators that receive your email address. All others will not show up in your inbox.

I totally get it. AND that’s why I created a searchable dashboard for everyone who purchases the bundle. You will be able to click on different categories and choose ONLY  what you need from each one. Wanna take a peek behind the scenes and see for yourself?

Click here to watch the sneak peek video.

You’ll have over a month to shop and grab what you like. The last day to get any of these products within the bundle at no extra cost is July 28, 2023. 

Once you sign up for a product, you’ll have it for life (the life of the product 😉 of course). 

Be sure to set a reminder so that you don’t forget to sign up before the redemption period ends. I won’t be able to ask the Contributors to extend their coupon codes if you miss the deadline.

Sure! Many of our expert contributors are giving you free credit towards their other products or services, so that you can continue working with them beyond the bundle. They’re pretty much like gift cards towards their digital shop or services.

Each contributor has their own set of terms and conditions on how and when the credit can be used. You can see which contributors have offered this additional bonus via the filterable dashboard.

Once you’ve accessed them, they’re yours. No need to rush! The contributors will treat you as if you were a paying customer. Just make sure to access the products you want by July 28, 2023.

Due to the digital nature of the bundle products and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, refunds are not available.

No problem. Send me a message via the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of this page with your question and I’ll respond asap.

No need to rush through and sign-up for all the products right now.

Once you grab your bundle copy, you’ll have over 45 days to look through the resources and decide which ones you want to grab.

Choose from $4,500+ worth of courses, templates, workshops, swipe copy and more for

just $99!

Here’s what other biz owners have said about my PAST events and bundles:

It’s time to put an end to the content creation hamster wheel and let your content do the heavy lifting for you.

No more hiding in the shadows or getting unnoticed. Instead, create quality content that converts into sales in less time with less overwhelm.

Get the Cheerful Content Marketing Bundle today and choose from $4,500+ worth of courses, templates, workshops, swipe copy and more for just $99.

Plus unlock an invite to our exclusive, pop-up bundle community and over $600 in free credit from our contributors… only available for the next few days. ⬇️

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